Why We Do It


Teens in Need


Vulnerable teens in our community need your help! Whether these kids are in the foster system, in transitional housing, or simply in need of support, as they grow older, their needs grow with them; school supplies, college application fees, and extracurricular activities all cost time and money that many vulnerable teens and families find beyond their reach.

Howard’s Heart is dedicated to helping older kids in foster care get access to the resources, supplies, and support they need to get the start that every kid deserves. We work to provide everything from graphing calculators and musical instruments to access to tutoring and college prep courses.


Our Mission

Giving vulnerable teens the support they need.

We team up with social workers, foster families, community partners, and, most importantly, the teens themselves to identify where they need extra support; we then locate existing resources and create bridges between these teens and their community. When such resources are unavailable we will work to fill those needs through our own fundraising and donations.

We strive to connect teens with scholarships and financial assistance for summer camps, occupational internships, and extracurricular courses to help students explore their interests and passions. Our goal is to offer educational, cultural, and other enrichments that teens in foster care are too often denied.