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Special Requests

Every teen has different needs.

Special Requests are the most important way we support teens in foster care. By asking the teens what their needs are, where they could use support most, we ensure that the goods and services we provide to them make the greatest impact on their lives.

Amy and Jennifer spoke to caseworkers and teens to find out what was needed most. They shared their experiences with us: what it’s like to struggle in an underfunded system without enough foster homes to go around, and with a nonprofit community that is almost entirely focused on younger kids. Some had never been asked what THEY needed or wanted.

Our teens ask us for what they need and we do everything that we can to deliver it. We have provided things like tools for an apprenticeship, funds for a drama club trip to New York, a bike, maternity clothes, laptops, and more. Every teen is unique and every request is special.

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