Back-to-School Store

August 10th - 28th

Understanding Teens' School Needs

While other backpack drives from amazing local organizations successfully provide supplies to kids in foster care, these drives are primarily (if not completely) focused on outfitting younger kids.

Older kids in care tend to get what’s leftover from these drives, and while small packs and crayons are necessities for a 3rd grade student, they won’t be much help when cramming for a trig final.

We collect and deliver sturdy, appropriately sized backpacks filled with school supplies meant for high school and college students. We look to go beyond basics, providing scientific and graphing calculators, day planners, thumb drives, and more.

Teens then get to “shop” for their own supplies for their specific classes and extra curricular activities (probably no need for a protractor if they’re not taking geometry this year, etc).

Our teens select items that suit their tastes, fit their bodies and meet their individual needs.

New this year if we get the Advantis grant: They will also get the opportunity, in our store to ask for whatever else they might need for school. We will put those needs up on Facebook for our beautiful community to fill.

We also keep a stock of donated items and supplies available at our Lloyd Center Storefront year round. Teens can pick up new supplies as needed when old supplies wear out or their class schedules change.

Sponsor a school supply!

As the number of teens we serve grows, so does our need for these supplies. Each year more and more local businesses, community action groups, and even individual donors have chosen to sponsor one whole school supply. These Champions run their own drives and collections to provide big lots of one specific item, like highlighters, notebooks or funds for individual needs.

Interested in finding out more? Contact us for more information or to share your ideas! We’re excited to work with our community to help these teens succeed and thrive!