We're a non-profit organization dedicated to providing individual, needs-based support to vulnerable teens in our community.


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Howard's Heart Community Newsletter • October 2018 • Over 250 teens served since January

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Holiday Drive!
November 1st-December 12th

Welcome to the annual Holiday Drive! This is what started it all for Howard’s Heart. Last year our Champions donated every item on over 100 teens’ wish lists. This year we are aiming to serve around 400 teens throughout the greater Portland metro area! We’ll get wish lists from each teen and post them individually on our Facebook page, so that you can support any teen whose wish list speaks to you.

Can’t donate but want to help? We have a myriad of volunteer opportunities possible during our Holiday Drive. Please check out our Events page for further details.


Strength in Numbers

Our community of Champions grows daily. We have 350 followers on Facebook and gain more every week. We’re able to meet needs within a week or less of the request coming through. We see the requests being shared far and wide; we have received donations from people throughout Oregon, as well as Washington, California, and Colorado. Even as far away as Massachusetts and New York.

Your support has lead to connections with caseworkers, three local churches, and multiple small business owners who are eager to partner with us (once we are officially tax exempt). The word is spreading, and we are so grateful to all of you for being the voice and advocates our teens need!

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Parties with a Purpose

Once we’re tax exempt, we will be moving forward with Howard’s Heart Friendraisers! These are mini fundraisers hosted by you Champions: You invite a few of your friends who you think would be interested in supporting vulnerable teens in the community. The type of party is up to you; cocktails, coffee and dessert, dinner party, whatever you like! Get creative; we have Champions planning to host a small baking class, have a local musician come do a house party, and hold a knitting extravaganza.

We are excited to hear your ideas! You throw a party with a purpose and we will come do a short presentation and introduce your community to our mission. We will be making a financial ask at the end, but we will also offer a variety of ways that your guests can help support our teens. We can even take donations on site. Contact us at howardsheart@gmail.com to talk about this in more detail!

We are also starting to plan our first big GALA event!! What kind of event strikes your fancy? What’s the coolest fundraiser you’ve ever been to? What was the biggest snoozefest? We want to hear from you!

Thank you so much for being part of the Howard’s Heart community, Champions! We could not do the work we do to support our local teens in foster care without your giving hands, your thoughtful and creative ideas, and your passionate dedication. You continue to show up in ways that we never dreamed of, and we are overwhelmed by your hearts.

We love you!!

Amy and Jennifer (Howard’s Heart founders)

Thank you for all that you do. You truly have made casework A LOT easier! Howard’s Heart is already leaving a wonderful legacy in such a short time it has been around!
— DHS Caseworker