We're a non-profit organization dedicated to providing individual, needs-based support to vulnerable teens in our community.


The Beat

Howard's Heart Community Newsletter • Nearly 70 teens served since January


Thank You Champions!

In the last six months, we have built a community to be proud of, with your help and support. The enthusiasm and generosity of you, our Champions, gave us the strength and inspiration that we needed to make Howard’s Heart a beautiful reality. Thank you!

Even as we grow and learn, you have been there to help these teens with every need that they have brought to us. Our Essentials boxes have helped many teens with basic care products. The teens and caseworkers that we’ve talked to are beyond grateful for your gifts and so are we. You’ve provided teens in foster care with music lessons, laptops, sports gear, and camp fees. And those are just some of the highlights. 


Joining the Team

Our relationship with DHS and the caseworkers who work so hard for our teens is thriving. We get daily requests from caseworkers who have confidence that we can meet their teens’ needs. The next step is to identify already existing non-profit organizations that support these kids and connect with.

We have also begun the process of partnering with some local churches and businesses. These partnerships will ensure that we are able to use your donation dollars as effectively as possible.


Back to School Backpack Drive
July 9th - Sept 7th

This month kicks off our back to school drive. We will provide backpacks stuffed with basic age-appropriate school supplies to each teen in care as well as whatever they need as classes start. Our goal this year is to provide 200 backpacks. We're seeking to personalize the supplies provided to the needs of each student. High schoolers offer the unique challenge of individual class schedules. We will be keeping in touch with case workers during the first week of class as teens find out what they will need for the year. We will be posting these needs to Facebook so watch for personalized lists starting the last week in August.


Thank you so much for being part of the Howard’s Heart community, Champions! We could not do the work we do to support our local teens in foster care without your giving hands, your thoughtful and creative ideas, and your passionate dedication. You continue to show up in ways that we never dreamed of, and we are overwhelmed by your hearts.

We love you!!

Amy and Jennifer (Howard’s Heart founders)

Thank you for all that you do. You truly have made casework A LOT easier! Howard’s Heart is already leaving a wonderful legacy in such a short time it has been around!
— DHS Caseworker